Penny Wilton

Wilton_Penny.THINK Together.jpgHonoree: Penny Wilton

Honored by: THINK Together

Cause Area: Education

On behalf of everyone at THINK Together’s Shalimar Learning Center, we honor Penny Wilton as an outstanding volunteer. She brings a friendly openness to her volunteering that is refreshing and vital to interacting with the young students at Shalimar. Penny has volunteered at Shalimar for over 5 years, yet her keen sense of identifying and addressing the changing volunteer needs reflect an understanding far beyond her tenure.

Penny listens to the needs of the kids, the staff and other volunteers with a ready smile and quick resolve to address whatever the need is. When more helping hands are needed, Penny finds just the right friends to recruit, who she knows will bring a caring touch to the homework room or Reading Workshop at Shalimar.

The Reading Workshop is a curriculum that guides students in grades 1-6 through a series of books of increasing challenge, with vocabulary reinforcement that improves the students’ use of the English language and overall academic achievement in the classroom. Recently, the reading program nearly doubled in size and Penny was instrumental in recruiting enough volunteers to assist the additional students, with impressive success in no time! When Penny recruited more volunteers as the program needs increased, what she provided was a chance for each volunteer to achieve balance between their own family needs and their time at Shalimar.

Without Penny’s enthusiastic help in continually refreshing the pool of volunteers at Shalimar, we wouldn’t be delivering the quality of service to the kids that her advocacy provides. “Thank you” are small words for such a great service that Penny provides to the kids herself and through the many other volunteers she has introduced to Shalimar.



Author: spiritofvolunteerism

OneOC's Spirit of Volunteerism Awards is Orange County's largest and longest running volunteer recognition program, with 1,100 community members filling the Disneyland Hotel's Grand Ballroom every year to celebrate volunteerism.

6 thoughts on “Penny Wilton”

  1. Penny, dear – You are by far, one of the most amazing women I’ve known! I can clearly see you in my mind’s eye – working with me at Shalimar during the last few of my 12 years there and with my Reading Workshop, as well as with the Homework Help! I can’t adequately explain how grateful I am for you during that time, and especially since you have gone on to accomplish more wonderful things for the Reading Worksop and Shalimar in general. We all love you and appreciate what it means to have your continuing devotion and success for the benefit of the exceptional students, parents, staff and volunteers. I miss you and all at Shalimar more than you can imagine, but love my retirement, too. “Thanks, thanks, and more thanks.” You are a very bright light among us and I pray you’ll receive the special blessings you deserve.
    With love, Joyce


  2. Dear Penny,
    Congratulations! You are a wonderful choice as Think Together’s honoree for OC’s Spirit of Volunteerism award.

    You have been a joy to work with, and I love seeing you in action! The steadiness of your work to recruit volunteers is the kind that really pays off for this wonderful program.

    Your encouraging tone with the children and with me, as a new volunteer, has been inspirational! Thanks for all that you do!


  3. Dear Penny, We are delighted to honor and celebrate you as ThinkTogether’s honoree for OC’s Spirit of Volunteerism this year.

    You truly live the adage of ask a woman to get a job done and here comes Penny with a team of volunteer tutors for ThinkTogether’s Shalimar program.
    Your time, dedication, experience in teaching are a gift to the students we serve at Shalimar!!

    Thank you for your dedication and all you do to inspire the lives of these young students.

    With love and admiration,
    Susan and Sam Anderson


  4. Hi Penny,
    Thanks for getting us organized with the reading one-on-one volunteers. I’ve really enjoyed working with the kids who are so cute and individually distractible, earnest, engaged, silent, chatty. Thank you for persevering with humor, encouragement and always a bright smile to keep us going. You are a blessing to all at Shalimar!
    Joni Rehnborg


  5. Penny,

    Thank you for recruiting so many caring volunteers for the important work being done every day at Shalimar! Without your heart, and theirs, homework help and reading wouldn’t be so fun!

    Your smile is reflected in everyone around you, and we are delighted to honor you.

    Darcie Schott, THINK Together


  6. Penny,

    It has been a great pleasure working with you these past few years as together we connected with both Women of Vision and our church, St. Mark, inviting support and participation for this volunteer opportunity to reach out to this special group of students at Shalimar. I look forward to keeping the experience ongoing!. Thank you – you make my journey more meaningful as well as fun!

    Bobbi Dauderman


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