Ali Bavafa

Bavafa_Ali.Irvine Ranch Conservancy.jpgHonoree:  Ali Bavafa

Honored by:  Irvine Ranch Conservancy

Cause Area:   Animals & Environment

If you see a zip of color flashing passed you on the trail, you can bet it’s Ali Bavafa! Whether it is a beginning fitness hike in Weir Canyon or an extreme cardio hike in Fremont Canyon, Ali is traveling along Irvine Ranch Natural Landmarks and sharing his love of the trails with others. He can be consistently found on a wide variety of fitness programs, such as the weekly fitness hikes on the Paved Hicks Haul Road, cardio treks to the East and West Sinks viewing decks, and even slowing down for the Slow-Paced fitness hikes. Ali continues his love of outdoor fitness by joining the yoga programs and even stepping up his routine by joining previous Zumba programs. His generous smile and good-natured attitude makes him a joy to chat with as you move along the trails. Ali isn’t just craving the cardio programs, he also lends a supportive role as Farm Steward at the Native Seed Farm, a diligent eye during Fire Watch deployments and a supportive hand as Trail Crew. Irvine Ranch Conservancy appreciates all that Ali has done and continues to do to help protect, restore and enhance the Landmarks for future generations!


Author: spiritofvolunteerism

OneOC's Spirit of Volunteerism Awards is Orange County's largest and longest running volunteer recognition program, with 1,100 community members filling the Disneyland Hotel's Grand Ballroom every year to celebrate volunteerism.

16 thoughts on “Ali Bavafa”

  1. Ali,
    Thank you for all you do to connect the community to the land as well as supporting the restoration and protecting of the wonderful landscape. Congratulations on the award it is well deserved.



  2. Congratulations Ali!

    Thank you for your continued dedication and support to so many programs. Your passion and knowledge is vital in connecting others. You are a great ambassador, sharing your knowledge and passion to many. Not only can we find you blazing the trails on programs, but your support on stewardships and the land are so important to a lasting legacy for many generations to come. We are happy to honor your spirit of volunteerism!


  3. Congrats Ali. Thank you for leading many on their journey to better health and at the same time connecting them to the land.


  4. Congrats Ali! It’s always a pleasure to see you out on the trails. Thank you for all of your time, energy, and commitment to the IRC!


  5. We love your energy. If I don’t happen to see you for a while on Event A, we know it’s only because you are tied up working on Event B and C and D! Thanks for helping to keep all these things going so smoothly!


  6. Congratulations Ali , we both started as volunteers at the same, and wow you are the Running Man, is fun to hike with you. See you again.


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